How much solar panel power do I need?

We at AAA-Eco are happy to advise you in choosing a solar panel set. Are you unsure about the required capacity or installation options? Feel free to ask us about the options for your personal solar panel configuration. You are of course also very welcome in our sustainable showroom. We will discuss all sustainable options with you.

Solar panels with optimizer

The solar panels are no longer dependent on each other by means of a micro-inverter. For solar panels without an optimizer, the rule of the weakest link in a series connection applies. If one panel without optimizer is in the shade or covered with leaves, this can be detrimental to the yield of all solar panels. This string is broken by the optimizer so that a solar panel is no longer affected by one or more solar panels in the system. This way you always have an optimal yield.




Solar panel efficiency

When installing solar panels, the question quickly arises what the return is. How profitable is the investment to install solar panels? Solar panels have become more and more attractive in recent years. The power per panel has increased significantly while the costs for solar panels have become lower. The following factors play a role in calculating the efficiency of the solar panels:

1. What type of solar panel do you choose?
2. Where do you place the solar panels?
3. What is the age of the solar panels?
4. Pollution of the solar panels

Which type of solar panel?

There are different types of solar panels available. There are roughly three types of solar panels. The panels with the highest efficiency are the monocrystalline solar panels. During the production of these panels, the cooling after the melting of the silicon takes place in a controlled way, so that the crystals all point in the same direction. You will often recognize these solar panels by the dark color. AAA-Eco's solar panels are all produced according to the monocrystalline principle.

Where do I place solar panels?

The ideal angle of inclination for installing solar panels is 35 degrees. It is therefore important that this angle of inclination is adhered to as much as possible. The angle of inclination of 35 degrees is therefore a common angle of inclination of standard roofs in the Netherlands. In addition, the roof plays a major factor in achieving returns. Ideally, the solar panels are placed facing south. When the solar panels are placed on the east or west side, it is assumed about 20% less yield. When the panels are placed on the southwest or southeast, it is assumed that the yield is about 10% less.

Age of the solar panels

The average lifespan of the solar panels is getting better. Today the solar panels have an average lifespan of at least 25 years. The solar panels from AAA-Eco even have a performance guarantee. The first 10 years of life of a solar panel provide at least 90% shape eyes, while the panels must retain at least 80% power over 25 years of life.

Pollution of the solar panels

When the solar panels have to deal with pollution, the efficiency drops. When it rains, most of the pollution automatically flushes from the solar panels. However, the solar panels do not remain 100% clean. It is advisable to check the solar panels once or twice a year for residual dirt. The best time for cleaning is in the spring so that your solar panels have a maximum yield in the summer months.

Yield from solar panels

You can calculate the yield of the solar panels. The yield of the solar panels is calculated on the basis of the following factors:

1. Power of the solar panels (AAA-Eco panels have power 320WP)
2. How many solar panels do you want to install?
3. Yield of the solar panels in kWh

Suppose you choose a package of 10 solar panels (located on the south at an angle of 35 degrees). That means that you have a WP capacity of 3200 WP (10x329WP). The factor 0.85 is used to calculate the yield in kWh. This means that the solar panels can potentially deliver 2720 kWh. In comparison, an average household consumes 2765 kWh (source: Milieu Centraal).


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