Unproductive days, sweaty dinners or sleepless nights: our summers are getting longer and hotter every year. So time to cool down. The Mobile air conditioner is quite easy to use, you put the device down and make sure that a drain pipe is made outside. The appliance can blow out the warm air through the tube and only brings cooled air into the room. In order for the device to do its job as well as possible, it is important to check whether everything is properly connected. In addition, it is important to lay the drain hose straight out as much as possible.

The AAA-Eco mobile air conditioners included with condensation pipe

The AAA-Eco air conditioner has a pipe included to remove the warm air from the room. The warm air is removed from the room and then it is moved outside through the exhaust hose. The mobile air conditioners from AAA-Eco are excellent at cooling a room. Our mobile devices are designed to include an automatic temperature control system. The mobile air conditioners automatically continue to heat the room until the indicated temperature has been reached. The air conditioner can be operated with a WiFi module that you can purchase as an extra option with your order. The mobile air conditioner is easy to operate and you can use it almost immediately in work mode for cooling and heating your space. We can provide you with installation materials that are suitable for your air conditioning system.

Want to buy the AAA-Eco mobile air conditioner?

1. The universal system continues to cool until the appropriate temperature is reached.
2. The temperature can certainly be cooled by 10°C (based on the correct dimensions).
3. In addition to cooling and heating, the air supply in your home/room is also filtered.



Monoblock airco Aovia


The mobile air conditioner Aovia is a popular model and has a very modern look in your living room.

775,00 *

Price per unit

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Monoblock airco Purity


The monoblock airconditioner Purity has an excellent cooling capacity and is easy to connect.

515,00 *

Price per unit

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Mobile cooling without condensation transport to the outside less effective

The mobile version without exhaust is a lot less effective than the AAA-Eco air conditioner, where the air is transported outside. The warm air in the room has to be removed to actually adjust the room temperatures. An air conditioner without a hose would therefore only be able to cool a room by a maximum of 3°C. This is a lot less cooling capacity than an AAA-Eco mobile cooling with drain. If you still want a good mobile air conditioner that has more cooling capacity, it is better to go for the AAA-Eco mobile air conditioner. With the AAA-Eco mobile air conditioner you can cool a room by an average of 10°C. However, the space to be cooled must have the correct m3 to be completely cooled. We can calculate this for you using our calculation formula.

Cooling a large room with the split air conditioning

The device actually always needs a drain when cooling a room. Almost every air conditioner has a drain pipe and this must also be connected for the air conditioning to work properly. In principle, a universal air conditioner without a hose is not a real air conditioner. The air conditioning is also not nearly as effective as a normal split air conditioner. With the AAA-Eco air conditioner you can easily cool your room or home. With the trendline air conditioning, the outdoor unit provides a strong air supply, whereby the indoor units distribute the air well throughout the room. This way you can cool or heat a room quickly and well with this air conditioner.

The advantages and disadvantages of mobile cooling without condensation pipes

The advantage of a mobile air conditioner without a remote control drain hose is that it is a lot cheaper to install and that the air conditioner is also easy to move. But these advantages do not outweigh the disadvantages of the air conditioning without a drain hose. For example, the mobile air conditioner without a hose is certainly not as effective in cooling a room. This mobile air conditioner also makes more noise when cooling a room. Because the device sucks in the air, the device actually also takes dust into the room with it. This often remains on the device. You can remove the dust with a damp cloth. Do not use a wet cloth for this, as the device cannot withstand water. Then wipe the device with a dry cloth. This will not damage the air conditioning, but it will make it clean.

Mobile air conditioning or a split air conditioning?

The AAA-Eco air conditioning with remote control is available with a hose and it is a lot more effective than the mobile air conditioning without. But the mobile air conditioner with a drain hose is also nowhere near a split air conditioner with cooling a room. This air conditioner is also a lot more effective than a mobile air conditioner with a hose. But when choosing a split air conditioning system, you are a bit higher in price because the installation is a lot more expensive. The universal air conditioner is cheaper and easier to install. But if you do not value the cooling capacity of an air conditioner and are looking for a simple solution, the AAA-Eco air conditioner is very suitable. Since it is easy to move and easy to connect. This air conditioner should also always be located near a door or window so that the warm air can be removed.

Easy installation

The installation is very simple and you can also easily move the mobile device in your room or space. When purchasing a mobile air conditioner, you can use the device immediately and do not suffer from expensive installation costs. However, you should place the device near a window so that the warm air can be removed from the room. This allows you to influence the temperature in your room faster and better. In order for the portable air conditioner to work as well as possible, it is important to check whether everything is properly connected. In addition, it is important to lay the drain pipe as straight as possible to the outside.

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