Trendline split airco 9000 BTU
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The Trend line air conditioning is an ideal air conditioner for cooling or heating large spaces.

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This AAA-Eco Trendline air conditioner (9000 BTU) is made to cool or heat a space indoors. This gives you good comfort and you no longer suffer from a too cold or too warm room in the house. An advantage is that you do not have to be too cold in the room where the pre-filled air conditioning is placed. Even with the hot summer days, the air conditioning can offer you the right cooling you need.

The pre-filled air conditioning heats or cools your room quickly

The split air conditioner can quickly change the temperature within your house because warm or cold air is immediately brought into the room.

Advantages of the split Airco

Provides cooling on hot days
Provides heating in a room on cold days.
The air conditioning gives you clean air in the house because the air is filtered.
You can save a lot on your energy costs by heating more specifically.

Air conditioning easy to install and operate

We can offer you the complete installation sets so that you can get started to install the air conditioning yourself. We also have many materials available for expanding and finishing your air conditioning system. The AAA-Eco air conditioning is also easy to operate via the remote control that is included with purchase.

In connection with the new F-gas regulation (EU) 517/2014 from January 1, 2015, we hereby inform you of the obligation to have this appliance put into use by a recognized installer in accordance with Article 10 of Regulation (EU) ) 517/2014 and warranty conditions.

Technical data Split Airco Trendline 9000 BTU

Technical data Trend line 9000 BTU during cooling

Cooling capacity nominal (W): 2640
Cooling capacity min / max (W): 900-3400
Nominal cooling capacity (BTU): 9000
Cooling capacity min / max (BTU): 3100-11,600
Power consumption during cooling min / max (W): 100-1240
SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio): 6.3
Energy label cooling capacity: A ++

Technical data Trend line 9000 BTU during heating

Heating capacity nominal (W): 2930
Heating capacity min / max (W): 820-3370
Heating capacity nominal (BTU): 10,000
Heating capacity min / max (BTU): 2800-11.500
Power consumption during heating min / max (W): 120-1200
SCOP (Seasonal Coefficient of Performance): 4.0
Energy label heating capacity: A +

Technical data Trend line 9000 BTU general

Assurance value (A): 10.0
Avg. indoor unit sound level max / avg / min (db (A)): 38.5 / 32/25
Avg. noise level outdoor unit: (db (A)): 55.5
Dimensions indoor unit HxWxD (mm): 285x805x194
Dimensions outdoor unit HxWxD (mm): 495x720x270
Indoor unit weight (kg): 9.7
Weight outdoor unit (kg): 25
Refrigerant: R32
Cooling line dimensions (inch): 1/4 - 3/8
Maximum piping distance (m): 25
Maximum height difference indoor unit / outdoor unit (m): 10
Maximum piping length with pre-charged refrigerant (m): 5
Compressor type: Rotary

This air conditioner cools down to a volume of 86m3

The split air conditioning can cool up to a maximum of 86 m3. This is not the case with every home because the insulation of a home can differ. The AAA-Eco air conditioning 9000 BTU has a converted power of 2640 Watt. This allows you to cool a room from 52 m3 to 86 m3. You can calculate this by how good your insulation is within your home. If your insulation is not so good in your home, the range of the air conditioning will also be less. In a house with maximum insulation, the reach should be 86 m3 according to the calculations. In a house that is not well insulated, the range should still be 52 m3 according to the calculations. This is like still quite a range for the split air conditioner.

You have several factors with which you can calculate the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.
Factor 30 is for a house or room that is well insulated and where little cold air enters.
Factor 40 is for a home or space that is slightly less well insulated. This could be because there are more windows or because there are many electrical appliances in the room.
Factor 50 is for the room or the house that is the least well insulated. There is a lot of lack of heat and it is often cold.

Each home has its own factor and this is determined based on your insulation.
If you have good insulation in your home, you have a factor of 30.
With a factor of 30, the range of the split air conditioner is greater because the air can then come further.
Factor 50 is the least good here, the air will spread less far so the range of the air conditioning will be less.

Above you can see under which factor your home or space falls.

With a factor of 30, the range is 86 m3
With a factor of 40, the range is 65 m3
With a factor of 50, the range is 52 m3


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