Dielle Maestrale 60
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8 kW pellet stove with innovative design, made with steel cladding, with three-sided panoramic glass and a sliding glass top. Presented in 2 colors white or black.

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Pellet stove with innovative design, made with steel cladding, with three-sided panoramic glass and a sliding glass top. Presented in 2 colors white or black. Among the options you can choose with a handheld remote control or a control panel with which you can operate the stove via your smartphone with many more combinations.

Ceramic woodset

The Maestrale series can optionally be provided with a unique ceramic wood inlay set. This set, specially manufactured for this appliance, ensures that you get an even more natural flame image, which almost equals the flame of a traditional wood-burning stove. By means of the patented bottom feeding system you do not have to clean a "burner tray", so that the wood insert set does not have to be disassembled every time. You can also open the door of the Maestrale pellet stove without touching the ceramic wood set.

Technical data Dielle Maestrale 60

• Global power: 2.6-8.5 kW
• Rated power: 2.4-8.0 kW
• Consumption per hour: 0.5-1.8 kg
• Yield: 92-94%
• Tank capacity: 27 ltr
• Heated space (indicative of construction type and heat loss): 200m3
• Emission CO (13% O2): 0.019236

Bottom feeder Dielle pellet stove
The Dielle pellet stove works with a patented bottom feeder, which means that the pellets are fed from the bottom into an open burner pot, in this way the pellets are first evenly dried and preheated without disturbing the combustion process.
This ensures an even degassing and a complete combustion with a nicer and quieter flames.

1. Automatic cleaning. By supplying new pellets, the after-cinder ash residues are pushed over the fire ring and then fall into the ash pan. This means no manual or  complicated systems to keep a burner tray clean.
2. Less Ash Remnants. Less emissions (reduction of up to 53% compared to traditional pellet stoves).
3. No disturbance of the combustion process as with pellet stoves where the pellets are thrown into a burner tray from above.
4. Calmer and more natural flames.
5. Also in low power choices a nice flame picture with the bottom feeder. Due to the unique properties of the system, you will experience a calm and natural flame  picture even in the low power choices.

The bottom feeder also has advantages in the Stand-by or eco mode. If, for example, the temperature of your living room reaches the set temperature, the stove will go into standby mode, the stove will slowly go out. No pellets are consumed during the standby period. By extinguishing, the glowing parts will be stored in the bottom of the burner pot for a longer period of time. This allows the bottom feeder to make a quicker start-up and with a Dielle pellet stove you don't have to wait for a cooling and cleaning phase as with a traditional pellet stove.


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Danny - 30-12-2020 14:27

Nu een week of 5 aan het branden en echt een geweldige pelletkachel!

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