We humans have always been fascinated by fire. It has always played an important role in our life. Even today, people in modern society feel the desire to retreat to their backyard, where they can prepare a meal over an open fire and take it easy.

Going back to basics and appreciating life is what Artola TrunQ Grill is all about. The three-award-winning Red Dot design by renowned German designers Christian Cushionbach and Martin Sessler resembles a hollowed-out tree trunk. A steel block with a basic look that combines the functionalities of a braai, a grill and a fire pit. And thanks to the thoughtful design, the TrunQ BBQ allows you to grill your food while lighting the fire.



Artola Trunq BBQ


399,95 *

3 Simple Grill components
The Artola TrunQ barbecue has 3 simple components. The most important part is a long, deep and curved fire bowl with open ends. Optionally, a metal plate can be mounted on both ends to keep the wood and charcoal in the tray. The Artola TrunQ BBQ can be mounted on high or low supports. The grill is placed on top of the tray and can be slid from one end to the other.
Grilling food and the fire side by side
The length of 1 meter certainly gives the TrunQ that little bit extra. You simply slide the grill over the charcoal and start grilling your food there while lighting the fire next to it.
Durable and attractive to look at
The materials used in the design of the Artola TrunQ Grill are sturdy and minimalistic. They make the Artola TrunQ both durable and attractive to look at, but also easy to maintain. You can even leave it in your backyard and simply wipe it with a cloth the next time you want to use it.

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